The Club for business

Hay Hill has a history of good fortune

Beau Brummell was an iconic figure in Regency London. On an early summer’s morning in 1813, Beau was lamenting a run of bad luck, which had led him close to destitution. Wandering around the corner of Berkeley Square towards Hay Hill, he saw something glistening on the floor. It was a crooked sixpence. He took the coin home, drilled a hole in it, and attached it to his watch chain. Almost overnight, his fortune changed and the penny became his good luck charm and he always looked fondly on Hay Hill.

“Whilst at 12 Hay Hill we believe you make your own fortune, we hope that a bit of good luck from the place where Beau found his sixpence won’t do our members any harm...”

The Concept

  • 12 Hay Hill serves as a luxury Business Members Club, set just off the beautiful Berkeley Square.
  • 12 Hay hill provides a Mayfair base for business, client interaction and ‘exceptional’ dining all under one roof.
  • Luxurious Business lounges.
  • State of the art, fully serviced offices.
  • 9 unique meeting rooms, with audiovisual facilities.
  • Formal, informal and private dining, provided by Michelin-starred chef Shaun Rankin.
  • Shower facilities.


  • A range of business, cultural and gastronomic events.
  • Seminars and High-tech audio software.
  • Diverse events spaces available for private hire.