Through our revolving displays of contemporary art, members of 12 Hay Hill are able to discover and enjoy work by today's most exciting artists, from established names to promising new talent.

Our appointed art curator, House of the Nobleman, runs a programme of exhibitions and events, and curates special displays for each area of the building, from the dining room and bar to the lounges and meeting rooms.

The club’s current collection features internationally renowned artists such as Frank Stella and David Lachapelle, as well as a selection of some of London’s most exciting emerging artists, including Danny Rolph and Hannah Knox.

For enquiries, please email or for a full list of artworks currently on display, please click here.

The Postman

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz's

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz's chief artistic concern is the appropriation of language and mythology. He boldly experiments with hybrid visual combinations that straddle the murky borders of the shocking and offensive. He is known for his artistic reconfigurations of well-known imageries from art history and visual culture to create ambiguous compositions that question art historical discourses.

Richard Caldicott

Richard Caldicott

Richard Caldicott is an artist currently living and working in London. Best known for his photographic “still-lifes” of Tupperware containers, his practice, which includes drawing and print, follows a minimal and formalist tradition. Continuing a habit of working serially, Caldicott’s works on paper are large in quantity and rapidly generated. Each series presents a clearly observable, visual sequence of events.

Cartography of Control


Troika is a collaborative contemporary art practice, formed in 2003 by Eva Rucki, Conny Freyer and Sebastien Noel. With a particular interest in perception and spatial experience, their collective works challenge our prescriptions of knowledge, control, and what it means to be human in an age of technology. Troika work explores ideas around man made structures, control, repetitive actions and systems and how these coincide, conflict, or unites with the unknowable and irrational.

Circle 4A

Lili Almog

Lili Almog is renowned for her intimate spiritual portraits of women cultural identities around the world. In ‘Down to Earth’ series she investigated the selected locations through satellite maps, whose inherent abstraction presented a paradoxically accessible method of aesthetic entry. Working virtually in cyberspace, she created an intimacy between the subjects by drawing upon the photographs.

Araba With Left Hand On Her Face (Araba Sa Main Gauche Sur Le Visage)

Damien Cabanes

One of the characters of Damien Cabanes’s work is that the artist incorporates the same approach the gesture of the painter and sculptor, referring both technical face to face. The role of color is essential because it has a space power that can change the volume by enlarging, shrinking them, and away or together. A polychrome plaster or a gouache by Cabanes opens into a silent, naked space. It is neither a piece of architecture nor a landscape, it is a place without geography, a stretch of air or an elsewhere.