Through our revolving displays of contemporary art, members of 12 Hay Hill are able to discover and enjoy work by today's most exciting artists, from established names to promising new talent.

Our appointed art curator, House of the Nobleman, runs a programme of exhibitions and events, and curates special displays for each area of the building, from the dining room and bar to the lounges and meeting rooms.

The club’s current collection features internationally renowned artists such as Frank Stella and David Lachapelle, as well as a selection of some of London’s most exciting emerging artists, including Danny Rolph and Hannah Knox.

For enquiries, please email or for a full list of artworks currently on display, please click here.

Inducción Cromática a doble frecuencia, 2013 - Lithograph, 60 x 60 cm, Edition 40


He is a major protagonist in the field of Kinetic and Optical art, a movement that encourages “an awareness of the instability of reality.” His visual art has expanded the accepted idea of color, showing that perception of a chromatic phenomenon does not rely on form.  Cruz-Diez work shows that when color interacts with the viewer it becomes an autonomous reality that can be launched into space, sans anecdotes or symbols, evolving on its own with no need of form or even support.  

Pirouette Light Drawing, 2015, Glass gobo and Projector, Dimensions Variable


Hugo Dalton is an artist who creates works which portray the beauty and truth of the world in which we live. At the soul of all his artworks is a commitment to observational drawing from life. Dalton’s hand drawn line is instantly recognizable for its sensuality, movement and minimalism. The line speaks directly through the storm of contemporary life to the heart of the beholder bring calm and order. Dalton’s Wallpaintings, Lightdrawings and Installations open up and extend the space of specific locations both physically and conceptually.

Overlap, Different Fields, Loop 1, 2016, HD, H264, Video Projection, 9 minutes


Overlap’s recent work explores the relationship between still and moving imagery. The view is in movie time but limited to flat photographic space, seen through a perceptual keyhole more akin to memories and dreams. Different Fields is an ongoing video painting exploring varied landscapes - from full screen abstraction to linear renditions of rippling water.

Frank Stella, A. Had Gadya: Front Cover, CTPVI, 1985 Acrylic, vinyl paint and various media on collaged paper 108 x 86 cm (42 1/2 x 33 7/8 in)


Frank Stella is one of America’s most important living artists. Part of a generation who made work in response to (and against) the Abstract Impressionism which dominated the post-war period, his particular brand of minimalist abstraction is concerned primarily with spatial exploration.

Pliage, 2013, Acrylic on purple, flecked wool, 180x140 cm


Hannah Knox’s practice takes painting as its focus, yet her most recent works are made from a selection of fabrics and cloths, which - ostensibly unpainted - are stained, printed, sprayed or stitched. Many of her references point to personal, political and sociological influences rooted in the world of fashion and of modern-day feminism.